I’m Sorry

It’s been nearly a month since I posted a blog but I’ve been busy. Work, modeling, family, personal life. It’s been busy but good!  

I spent all of October trying to get a set of photos published by non-plus publications to no avail. Instead, Pedro (the photographer) and I decided to just post on social media. The response has been awesome. Literally awesome, not like “man, that kickflip was awesome” but like awe-inspiring. I’ve posted one photo a day from the set on my Instagram and Facebook and each day the support grows.  

In the response, I see people’s want for more in the plus size industry. They want androgynous models. They want menswear fashion. They want models that don’t look like a sex vixen from Playboy. Why do we never see this represented? It’s a vicious cycle of “that’s not what sells” and “I won’t sign girls that brands don’t want” and “I can’t hire models like that because agencies don’t have them on their boards.”  

Keep telling the industry what you want as consumers. Tag brands in marketing you like. Tag brands on photography pages you like. Tag brands on model pages you like. Let them hear you!  

Your voice cannot and should not be silenced. If you don’t like what a brand is doing, take your business somewhere else. If you want them to change, tell them what needs to change. If you want your major magazines to pick up plus size models and fashion, tag them on posts all over social media and TELL THEM! We live in a world where we can find (almost always) something to visually represent what we want to say. Find it. Share it. Tell people what you want. It’s not enough to sit in silence anymore.