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She Might Be

Online Magazine, "Alternative Plus Size Fashion Inspiration", Fifth in the Feature, March


Break + Remake

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Sustainability Vlogger, "The Plus Bus - Plus Size Consignment, Used and Vintage Clothing - Body Positivity", Interview, March


Body Pos Project

Activism Project, "Meg Kimberling, Conceptual Art Model", Interview and Photo Feature, February



Blog, "Beauty Standards Around The World: How Globalization Can Alter What We Consider Beautiful", Mention, February


This Is Meagan Kerr

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Blog, "17 Plus Size Instagrammers You Should Follow", Number 7, February


This Is Me Project

Activism Project, "Challenging The Status Quo", Interview and Editorial, First Appeared on the IG Account in August 2016, Published on the Blog in January


She Might Be

Online Magazine, "Ashley Graham Is No Role Model of Mine", Photo Feature, January




Dig Mag

Online Magazine, "A Project To Un-Define Beauty: This Is Me", Photo Feature, October

Plus Model Magazine

PMM (1).png

Online Magazine, "Plus Models Unite Using #visiblyplussize on Instagram", Cover Photo (Featured from This Is Me Project), October


This Is Me Project

Activism Project, "Challenging The Status Quo", Interview and Editorial, First Appeared on the IG Account in August 2016, Published on the Blog in January




Magazine, "Facade Blanche", Editorial in Issue No. 14, August



Online Magazine, "15 Accessories That Flaunt Your Tummy For Bold Summer Style", Cover Photo and First Featured, July



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Health & Wellness Site, "Plus Size : ces filles en sous-vêtements assument leurs rondeurs ! [Plus Size: these girls in underwear assume their curves!]", Number 3, July


News, "65 Photos That'll Make You So Sorry You Missed LA's Plus-Sized Pool Party" via Cosmopolitan, Slide 19 and 47, July


The Huffington Post UK

Online Magazine, "17 Women Proving Bikinis Are For Every Body", Photographed with Cambria Plus Model, July


The Huffington Post Quebec

Online Magazine, "Elles prouvent que toutes les femmes peuvent porter un bikini à la fête Golden Confidence 2016 (PHOTOS)", Photographed with Cambria Plus Model, July



Magazine, "78 Photos That'll Make You So Sorry You Missed L.A.'s Plus-Size Pool Party", Slide 19 and 51, July



Online Magazine, "Femme Fatale", Editorial in Portrait Issue, July


Plus Model Magazine

Online Magazine, "How Do You Love Your Body?" Instagram Feature, June


Ready To Stare

Blogger/Designer, "XXX", Summer Collection Collaboration Lookbook, May


Ivory Rose Boudoir

Boudoir Photographer and Blogger, "Megan's Story", Interview and Photo Feature, April


Straightedge Worldwide

Lifestyle Site, "Megan Kimberling featured in Curva interview and editorial", April



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Magazine, "M&K: Talking With Megan and Kobi", Editorial and Interview, April 


The Curvy Fashionista

Blog, "TCFStyle: 7+1 Curvy Cuties That Make Fat Look Fab", +1, February



Online Magazine, "79 Photos of Individuals Celebrating No Thigh Gap", Number 66, January


L'Oeil de la Photographie

Online Magazine, "Portfolio - Irvin Rivera: Santa's Dirty Laundry", January



Online Magazine, "13 Hacks To Make Wearing Acrylic Nails Easier", Hack Number 3, January


The Huffington Post Canada

Online Magazine, "Body Positivity: 16 Inspiring Women Leading The Movement", January



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Online Magazine, "48 Fat Babes Embracing Their So-Called 'Flaws'", Number 18, January





Online Magazine, "77 Plus Size Babes Share Their Most Unapologetic Outfits of 2015 - PHOTOS", Number 39, December

The British Journal of Photography

Magazine, Mastered with Nick Knight: 10 photographers reimagine Christmas, December


Magazine, Volume VI, "On Top of the Body Positive Movement", Featurette and Interview, November


Woman of the Week, October 25-31


Magazine, "Rebel/Rebelle" Nude Editorial, October

Sue Rock Originals

Knitwear Brand Ambassador, October


Online Magazine, "Contre le diktat de la minceur, elles empoignent leurs poignées d'amour" [Against the diktat of thinness, they grab their love handles], First Listed, September

The Curvy Fashionista

Blog, "Ten Models Size 18 and Up Who We Need To See Slay More Mainstream Campaigns",  Listed as Number 5 of 10, September


Magazine, "Fuck Your Standards" Nude Editorial, September

Huff Post Style Quebec

Online Magazine,  "Ces femmes avec des rondeurs dévoilent avec fierté leurs ventres sur Instagram (PHOTOS)" [These women with curves proudly unveil their bellies on Instagram (PHOTOS)], First Listed, September

Phat Girl Fresh

Blog, "Six Bad Ass Plus Size Women Who Aspire to Inspire Other Women",  Only Model Listed, August

Online Magazine, "Top 10 des mannewuins grande taille qui cartonnent dans l'industrie de la mode," [Top 10 plus-size model that cartonnent in the fashion industry], July

American Photography's Pro Photo Daily

Photography Trade Journal, "PPD Spotlight: Irvin Rivera's 'Amour Sui'", Only Plus Model in the Gallery, June


Model Featured on the Homepage of, First and Only Alternative Woman to Date to Represent the Brand, June

Ivory Rose Boudoir

Boudoir Photographer, Featured on the Promo Video for 2015/2016 at, April

French Canadian Online Magazine, "10 mannequins plus size a suivre sur Instagram (et qui vont faire aimer vos formes)" [10 plus size models to follow on Instagram (and that will make you love your shape)], Listed as Number 4 of 10, April

Online Magazine, "7 Amazing Plus Size Models To Follow On Instagram", Listed as 4 of 7, April


Online Magazine, "11 Plus Models To Follow on Instagram Besides the Lovely Tess Holliday or Ashley Graham", Listed as Number 4 or 11, April


Magazine, Volume V, Published as 2015 Retreat Model, April

The Bailey Agency

Curvy Girls Instagram Model Search, Top 50 Finalist, January

Ev Marqee Photography