Y’all I’ve got so much going on right now!  

Some of it I can’t tell you. Some of it is still up in the air. Some of it is in talks. Some of it is being finalized. Some of it is being edited. Some of it is being shot soon.  

The next few months are going to be fun. I’m super excited to share it all with you.  

Been working on getting a hold of my PTSD and anxiety. I’m using CBD oil daily and it seems to be helping - I’m still trying to find the right dose for me. I’m also trying to make my apartment feel more like home. I know it sounds odd but I’ve been here for a couple years in the same spot but it just felt like a place to live. I’ve put art on the walls now, got some pillows on my couch, moved the tv into the living room, set the timer on my coffee pot, found a spot for my toilet paper in the bathroom, and moved my vinyl from storage onto a bookcase. I think it’s been helping me curate my own space for myself - which helps with the anxiety. I think. 

Right now, check out my Part One of a two part episode I did for Jordan and Emily’s The Self Podcast. Link here. Also, you can find them on Google Play and iTunes! Next week I will include a link for Part Two!