Holiday Season

Personally, I don’t like the holidays. They remind me that most of my extended family are Born-Agains and Trump supporters who are some of the most selfish Rednecks you’ll ever meet in your life. They also remind me how selfish American society is, in general. 

Black Friday? Really? People are so concerned about saving money and having material objects that they will literally cause physical harm to other humans in order to obtain the objects they are after. Moreover, where’s the giving holiday spirit the Christian faith is always bragging about? We just barely started Giving Tuesday as a “thing” and how many people do you know who give to charitable causes more than once a year? 

Look, I’m just tired of people doing the minimum to skim by as “good people” right now. “Good people” don’t tell others to “go back to where you came from” or that they don’t deserve basic health care OR how mental health is the issue and not guns but let’s not publically fund mental health in America... 

Y’all. This world we live in is broken. Do something to help fix it.  

- If you participate in Black Friday/Cyber Monday, please buy from small businesses and those owned by POC  

- donate on Giving Tuesday and consider giving monthly to a charity for the next year

- tell you white friends they need to stand up for POC during the holidays and with family

- stand up for yourself around family; if that means telling Uncle Bob to take his inappropriate weight joke and shove it up his ass, you have the right to do so  

The world needs more good. More love. More kindness. More equality. You can make a difference.