New Things

I'm going to be looking into trying some new things for my mental health and it's scary. If you don't know, I've dealt with PTSD (and the anxiety that comes along) for a couple years now. Luckily, my paranoia and fear is very mild; flashbacks don't really happen much for me anymore. But this anxiety... 

Honestly, I think I had some level of anxiety disorder prior to PTSD and getting PTSD has exasperated it. When I first realized something was different, I went to my doctor and she gave me a low dose of anxiety medication. The psychiatrist took me off it in about six weeks because, apparently, the dose was so small it wasn't doing anything anyway. 

I dealt with my PTSD via therapy. It was fine. I was doing well. She gave me the go-ahead to have the option to end our sessions. That was great until a few months later when I was re-traumatized.  

This spring, I was out on a shoot and a man re-traumatized me through inappropriate sexual actions. I was not physically harmed, but my paranoia and insomnia came roaring back with anxiety in tow.  

It has been hard. Again. But this time I think I'm going to try something new. I'm educating myself and am hoping to try it out in the next month or two. 

Fingers crossed!