Big Fat Announcement (Pun Intended)

I'm now offering video pose coaching sessions! 

Affordable hourly sessions via most video chat avenues. You can sign up here:  

Please include:

  • the day that works best for you
  • the time of day that works best for you
  • what level of experience you have 
  • what your goal level is 

Intro price of $20/hr right now for a limited time!


Y'all I just wrote a long ass post and Chrome crashed.  Fuck.  

Moral of the story was "Don't donate to The Red Cross, instead donate to places like the Hurricane Harvey Fund at the Greater Houston Community Foundation which is linked HERE SO JUST CLICK HERE."

We want money and things to get to those who need them NOW, not later.  Donate wisely.  Donate to groups that are handing out to marginalized and low-income/impoverished neighborhoods first because those people will need the most help.  

I'll be in Texas this weekend for The Curvy Industry Experience pool party and fashion show where Bethany and I will be showing MEG x SBB for the first time ever in person.  I'm extrememly excited, and I cannot wait to see these pieces come to life!

It's My Birthday

Ok, so yesterday was my birthday. Close enough. I turned 29. The number isn't bothering me as much as how emotional I've become surrounding my birthday. 

I have anxiety, this is true, but I've never experienced my anxiety this heavily around my birthday. The combination of not being with family, working too hard at my job, and just life has gotten the best of me this year.  

I think about what I want in life and how to get it. Where I am in life and where I want to be. The memories I have of my journey of 29 years. It's heavy. 

Then, I realize I'm not the only one who does this. Is your birthday a time of reflection, too? Am I not the only one who experiences a lot of emotions around their birthday? How does it manifest for you? 

I also think it's hard being a social person but anxiety makes it much more difficult to be that social person I once was. I want to have a party, be surrounded by those I care about, eat/drink/be merry. But, I also just want to stay home and binge Netflix. I'm trying to navigate my anxiety the best I can. 

I'm Not Here For Your Pity

There's a viral post of a man commenting on his wife's body. The root of the issue is that we have decided that, as a society, we are now applauding men for finding non-acceptable women attractive. Like, "thank god you think she's pretty because you really took one for the team."  

Bruh. Give me a fucking break.  

Forst of all, the viral couple are a pair of assholes. Both have racist and phobic posts all over their social media. He's the most typical Millenial "I just can't have a real job because I'm soooo creative but I'm a white male so I don't know why everyone is always complaining." She's a horrific example of body positive - multiple times does she tells people how much she hates the word "fat" and thinks we need to stop using it. Also, she is pretty shamey in her posts toward women who are bigger than her (she's like a size 10/12).  


Stop it. Stop stop stop stop. He's a prick. She's a dickhole. Neither one of them represent good people. There's nothing about them that should be celebrated because they are completely average.  

Guess what? Tons of people have healthy relationships where BODY SIZE ISNT INVOLVED AT ALL. I know. It's soooooo weird. (Side eye.) Y'all are doing it wrong if body shape means *that* much to you and your relationship. If you have to constantly seek validation for being with someone "society deems unattractive" then you're a super shitty person.  

Just love and be loved. Stop looking for validation. Stop seeking celebration for being average. Stop making money off political and socia movements you know nothing about. Loving an unattractive person doesn't make you a hero, it makes you human. Nobody wants your pity love.   

Day Job

Y'all I have a day job. It usually doesn't take up so much of my time, but basically everything that can go wrong is going wrong with all of our customers. Cloud of doom and gloom over all of our projects right now.  

Beacause of it, I'm spending 10 hours a day in the office getting fires put out and pushing factories to get me what I need. It's been a long month or so. 

On top of this, I have a personal life. I mean, I try. I had to cancel plans Saturday to take a day for laundry last week. It had been so long that I ended up washing nearly everthyjng I owned (sans outerwear, sweaters, and dress clothes).  

Dont be afraid to take time for yourself. I know life gets hard but sometimes taking a day for some self-care (like laundry) is just what we need. Stress and anxiety takes a toll on our bodies and minds. We have to be aware enough that we can take a knee.  

It might be hard now, but it won't be always. We live on roller coasters - just got to enjoy the down time once the uphill battle is over.  

UPDATE! I'm in Vogue Italia now. I know. I freaked out, too. Well, I cried. Then I freaked out. Irvin (AKA Graphics Metropolis) is a genius and I love him.

Today, I found a link to an incredible blog post (on Curves & Couture's blog written by Amy Farrugia) that listed me as one of five badass bloggers/models on Instagram. I'm included with Chloe Elliot (@ChloeInCurve_), Olivia Campbell (@CurvyCampbell), Tess Holliday (@TessHolliday), and Essie Golden (@EssieGolden). Links up soon, lovelies.

 (I'm sorry I'm two weeks behind posting. I am going to try to get back to weekly.)